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what is a therapy animal?

Therapy animals are often a very important part of a therapeutic relationship between a counseling patient and their mental health counselor. A therapy animal can be any species and is used in support of achieving specific counseling goals that you set together with your therapist. At Blue Elk Family Clinic, our dog, Mr. Bojangles, serves as our therapy animal for clients who visit our counseling center. He can be available upon patient request to participate in sessions, offering camaraderie and comfort. Misty Sanchez, LMHC-A has worked with Mr. Bojangles for many years, and many of her patients find him to be a very special help during their sessions. If you would like to request the support of our canine therapy assistant, please reach out to our Nashville, IN location, and we would be happy to answer any questions.

What are the benefits of a therapy animal?

Animal therapy may not be the answer to all interpersonal struggles, but it is certainly a wonderful addition to any counseling session when it feels appropriate. Research has shown that interacting with animals like dogs can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and stress, improve self-esteem, boost moods, and decrease feelings of loneliness. Not only does Mr. Bojangles do a great job as a therapy pet for our patients at Blue Elk Family Clinic, but he also offers his unconditional love and support.

What Does A Therapy Animal Do?

Therapy animals are research-supported for helping patients cope with mental health disorders, like depression and anxiety. They can reduce stress and anxiety by taking attention away from inner struggles and focusing clients on their comfort and friendliness. They can elevate mood and regulate emotions through their presence and companionship. They have even been shown to raise dopamine levels through eye contact, petting, and togetherness. Many mental healthcare practitioners have begun using therapy animals because of the tremendous and widespread benefits they provide. During your session with Misty, you can request the presence of a therapy dog in order to experience these beneficial effects and to help you feel supported and cared for as you process through the difficult things that counseling sometimes uncovers. Participating in therapy animal treatment is entirely optional, as we are here to serve you however your needs would best be met.

Therapy animal FAQs

Why do clinics use therapy animals?

The use of animals in therapy settings has been gaining momentum over the years and is very popular among healthcare professionals today. Therapy dogs help in reducing stress and provide much-needed relief to people with mental distress. We are proud to have a therapy dog who provides these benefits and more.

Do I qualify to meet with a therapy animal?

There are no strict qualifications to meet with a therapy dog at Blue Elk Family Clinic. It depends on each patient's needs and current state of health. Our team will perform a quick evaluation and let you know what to expect when it comes to interacting with a therapy animal. Based on this conversation, we will let you know if an animal visit is possible.

Why choose Blue Elk Family Clinic?

We believe that animals have an important role in the process of safe and effective therapy sessions in Nashville, TN. Animal-assisted therapy is a unique form of treatment for patients who are going through all kinds of trauma. Our team consists of highly trained individuals who can make sure you are getting the care and attention you need to move forward.

Share Time With a Therapy Animal During Your Session

Mr. Bojangles is always happy to meet new people, and Misty Sanchez, LMHC-A is excited to partner with this incredible therapy dog who has helped so many people experience recovery. Call us in Nashville, IN at Blue Elk Family Clinic if you would like to request a session with Mr. Bojangles or if we can answer any questions you may have about our treatments.

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