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Summary of each coaching specialties (Niche)

Boost Confidence (improved self-worth and self-esteem): This type of coaching can easily be incorporated with any of the specialties listed below. Much has to do with our internal dialogue, which typically is negative and bullying ourselves; the client will learn how to love the person they are. The key is changing their dialogue, having a sense of purpose and empowerment.

Balance in life: Balance between a client’s personal and work lives. Without balance, causes many to feel like they have no control in their lives; work and personal lives become one in the same. Identify the many “hats” the client has, determine which “hats” can be cut/kept/delegate to others. Balance instills a sense of hope.

Self-Care: Many individuals fail to put themselves first, for women in particular; it feels selfish at times. It is crucial to take care of ourselves, so we can help others. This can include (going to the spa, shopping, quiet time, yoga, journaling, etc.).

Grief: Educate the client on the stages of grief and process how they have dealt with loss in the past. Determine the importance of their faith or higher power, faith can help navigate the healing process. Grief is not solely to loss of someone or pet, it can include (loss of a job, relationship, marriage, etc.) as the stages of grief apply to these other losses.

Self-Identity: “Who am I”, that is the question? It is important to go on a personal journey to determine who you are. Your strengths, accomplishments, passions and what drives you. During this journey, it has nothing to do with what others think about you; only you can identify who you truly are.

Relationships: Research has found that most people desire successful relationships, just unsure how. Exploration of past relationships, current relationships, friends, family, etc. Will focus on effective communication, setting healthy boundaries, importance of compromise. Clients will learn red flags that typically indicate a negative/abusive individual vs. a healthy/positive individual.

Optimal Health/Relationship with Food/Weight Loss: Encouragement to make exercise and a healthy lifestyle a priority in their daily life. Will focus on events/situations in the past and present that led to a negative usage of food. The outcomes from their changes can instill motivation with each improvement and ultimately achieving their goal. Clients will be encouraged to reach out to a personal trainer, nutritionist, therapist, etc.

School: (bullying, college searching, determining a major): Process with the client about their history of bullying, how it has affected them and what would like to change. Will educate client on communication, healthy boundaries, and steps to take in reporting it. Regarding college, clients will be given an assessment that can narrow down careers that are most compatible with them, which can decrease stress choosing a major. Parents can utilize coaching to help their child begin searching for colleges. Parents can become an advocate for their child if being bullied.

Career: To help individuals search for a new career. Process the areas of dissatisfaction with current job and are desiring something different. Focus on their dream career, their strengths and personality to find that perfect match. Will administer a career assessment that narrows down career choices, based on their strengths and personality.

Time Management/Organization: Assist the client to stay on schedule, complete tasks that have deadlines, while scheduling time for what the client would like to do. Clients will be assigned the task of logging their day for 2 weeks, analyzing what works and what does not work; both in their work and personal lives. Clients will learn organizational skills, daily planner, breaking tasks down, knowing their limits and ability to either delegate or say “no” if feels overwhelmed.

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