Domestic Violence Trauma Therapy in Nashville, IN

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What is Domestic Violence Trauma Therapy?

Domestic violence is a very personal betrayal of trust that can cause genuine trauma. If you've been a victim of violence in the home, you are not alone. At Blue Elk Family Clinic, Misty Sanchez, LMHC-A helps clients find safety and comfort again through compassionate counseling techniques that help each patient heal in their own way. Domestic violence trauma therapy helps patients identify and understand their trauma and then gradually learn healing, lifelong coping mechanisms. To learn more about this therapy, please feel free to connect with our Nashville, IN office for a consultation.

What Can I Do If I'm A Victim of Domestic Violence?

If you are or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, our licensed counselor, Misty Sanchez, can offer guidance and security while navigating these difficult waters. Misty understands that each individual's situation is unique and complex. She can help you identify signs of abuse in your relationships, connect you with medical treatment if you're hurt, establish a protection plan to keep you and your children safe, and offer a trustworthy place to seek out answers and solutions.

How Can I Recover From Domestic Violence Trauma?

The first step in recovering from domestic violence trauma is to get help. This can simply mean finding a place or situation in which you are safe from domestic abuse. When you are physically safe, you can then seek help for your trauma with counseling and other trauma-based support programs. At Blue Elk Family Clinic, Misty Sanchez, LMHC-A, helps her patients heal the trauma caused by domestic violence via personalized counseling programs that include a variety of therapies, coping methods, and life-skills training. If you or a loved one is or has been a victim of domestic violence, take the first step to heal and get the help you need.

Domestic violence trauma FAQs

How common is domestic violence trauma?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as countless cases of domestic violence go unreported every year, and the frequency and severity of the violence can vary dramatically. We believe that this is a significant public health problem in the United States faced by men and women alike. It can happen to people who are married, living together, or who are dating.

What are the symptoms of trauma?

The symptoms of trauma from domestic violence vary depending on the type and extent of exposure. Symptoms may range from mild to severe, immediate response or delayed responses, and can change over time. The counselors at Blue Elk Family Clinic are trained to recognize common symptoms in individuals who have been exposed to domestic violence.

What other resources can help?

There are many resources available for individuals affected by domestic violence. Our counselors in Nashville, TN, can provide counseling services, and there are also a number of national organizations that offer financial support and assistance for you and your family. One example is the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Please call directly if you need assistance.

You Can Experience Affirming, Compassionate Support

A professional counselor is equipped to help you make decisions about your relationships and living situations for your own emotional and physical safety, and counselors, like Misty, can help you find ways to experience safety and happiness. Everyone deserves healthy relationships. If you would like to talk to someone about domestic violence or troubles at home, please reach out to our Nashville, IN location. Misty Sanchez, LMHC-A serves clients at Blue Elk Family Clinic from the Nashville, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Bloomington regions of southern Indiana.

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