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What are behavioral health services?

Behavioral health is a field of medical treatment that includes psychological therapy, counseling, and related treatments. Blue Elk Family Clinic offers a broad range of behavioral health services, all led by the talented and compassionate Misty Sanchez, LMHC-A. Misty is happy to offer Nashville, IN residents access to treatments for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, trauma, domestic violence, and much more. Her cognitive behavioral approach to counseling is versatile, and she prides herself in meeting patients right where they are. If you live in southern Indiana, including Columbus, Bloomington, and Indianapolis, please reach out to Misty at Blue Elk Family Clinic today!

What are the Benefits of Behavioral Health Services?

Patients who seek out behavioral health services can expect a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved mental and emotional wellbeing: When you struggle with a mental health disorder, it can feel like your whole life is consumed by symptoms. A behavioral health professional can help you start to feel like yourself again.
  • Enhanced communication skills: One of the core components of therapy is learning how to express yourself effectively. This includes clearly communicating your needs and feelings.
  • Improved relationships: Mental health disorders can put a strain on even the strongest relationships. Counseling can help you and your loved ones build healthier and more supportive relationships.
  • Improved coping skills: Dealing with a chronic mental health disorder can be overwhelming. Counseling allows you to develop healthy coping mechanisms to deal with difficult situations.

Should I receive behavioral health services?

Mental health therapy is advisable for anyone whose life or mental health is less satisfying or fulfilling than they want it to be. It can be of great benefit to sit down with a counselor and talk through the things you’re experiencing. A qualified mental health professional can help you to reframe your thinking in new ways that allow you to creatively solve problems in your life. The best way to determine if behavioral health services are right for you is to meet with a counselor, like Misty, for an initial consultation.

Behavioral Health FAQs

Why is behavioral health important?
You may not even realize how crucial your mental health is to many other areas of your life. Individuals in healthy mental states are far more productive, less anxious, able to cope better, and are even more likely to have optimistic outlooks. If you struggle with despair, lethargy, or apathy towards life, you may be an ideal candidate for a behavioral health consultation here at Blue Elk Family Clinic.

What sort of care do you offer?
Our counselor, Misty, is trained in mental health counseling and is equipped to help treat you in individualized counseling sessions. There may be times when Misty might suggest referrals to other specialists if you decide together that it may be beneficial. We believe in creating a safe, patient-first environment that enables you to feel comfortable sharing your story and healing.

What are common behavioral health issues you treat?
Our Nashville, IN patients that receive behavioral health services come from a range of backgrounds. You may struggle with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or be going through difficult life changes, such as divorce or grief. You may also have trauma or personality disorders that are affecting other areas of your health. No matter your reason for pursuing treatment, we are here to help.

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Support for your Mental Health Journey

When you’re experiencing challenges with family and friendships, trouble navigating your career, or struggling to get the most enjoyment out of life, you can experience healing and growth that leads to permanent change. Finding the right guide in that process is one of the most important steps to the place you want to be. Reach out to Misty Sanchez, LMHC-A for a trusted, highly qualified therapist to support you on your journey. Misty can be found at Blue Elk Family Clinic in Nashville, IN.

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