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What Are Annual Physicals?

Blue Elk Family Clinic offers full-scope preventive care through routine medical physicals. Physicals should be held annually by a family medical practitioner in order to provide you with health management recommendations and to catch medical issues early should they arise. At our location in Nashville, IN, Dr. Larry Sanchez offers physicals to patients that include a comprehensive exam, lab work on fluids, and a thorough look at your medical history. Dr. Sanchez can also take this opportunity to address any current medical concerns you have and either prescribe treatment or refer you to a specialist. Call today to schedule your physical as an integral part of tracking and maintaining your health.

What Are The Benefits Of An Annual Physical?

Annual physicals in Nashville, IN at Blue Elk Family Clinic are an essential part of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle and offer a number of great benefits, like:

  • Updating your medical and vital information
  • Offering testing and screening for serious health conditions
  • Producing a clear picture of your current health status
  • Diagnosing health problems early
  • Allowing earlier treatment for better outcomes
  • Setting future health goals
  • Providing peace of mind

What Can I Expect During a Physical?

During your annual physical at Blue Elk Family Clinic, you can expect that we will check your vital signs, measure your height and weight, perform a physical exam, and discuss your overall wellness to determine if you need additional tests beyond routine blood work and urine analysis. Just like most medical visits, we will take your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse. We may also perform specific tests based on your age, whether you are male or female, and if you are at a higher risk for specific health concerns (diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid conditions, and more). If there are particular issues that require further examination, we may conduct additional lab tests or refer you to one of the many qualified specialists in our area.

Annual physicals FAQs

How do I prepare for an annual exam?

Patients can prepare for an annual physical at Blue Elk Family Clinic by knowing their health history and their current list of medications and immunizations. We also ask you to bring a valid form of ID and any health insurance information as needed. Call our administrative team to see if there are other ways to prepare.

What is the purpose of an annual physical?

During a physical, Dr. Sanchez checks your vitals and reviews any concerns related to your health and wellness. Our overall goal is to catch any conditions before they become serious while managing any health issues you may have at the moment.

What happens if we detect a health concern?

There is a chance we may detect a common issue like high cholesterol or blood pressure. If something like this comes up during your physical exam, our team in Nashville, IN, may create a personalized treatment plan and schedule a follow-up appointment if we think it's necessary.

Comfortable and Trustworthy Medical Care

Having a regular annual physical with a trusted family physician will allow your doctor to keep an updated medical chart to support your care during urgent situations or sick visits. We offer many in-house testing and laboratory services on-site to save you time awaiting results. Request an appointment with Dr. Larry Sanchez at Blue Elk Family Clinic in Nashville, IN to schedule your visit, and join the Blue Elk community today. We look forward to serving you and your family!

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