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What Causes Allergies?

When foreign substances enter our bodies, our immune systems sometimes produce antigens to bind and capture them, ensuring that they don't wreak havoc on our systems. Sometimes, though, the body's immune response can be overblown, causing inflammation, excess mucus production, rashes, and other problems. This is known as an allergic reaction. At Blue Elk Family Clinic, we understand how common and frustrating allergies can be, whether they come from airborne particles, food, or skin contact with foreign substances. Some reactions are even known to be rather severe and dangerous! It is important to identify the cause of an allergic reaction as soon as possible. Dr. Larry Sanchez is highly qualified to treat allergic reactions, and he looks forward to helping you experience relief at our Nashville, IN location!

What are the benefits of allergy management?

At Blue Elk Family Clinic, we know how debilitating allergies can be. Whether seasonal, reactive, or year-round, managing your allergies can be one of the best ways to get relief and return to your normal life, enjoying benefits such as:

  • In-office procedures or treatments that are finished quickly
  • Simple management techniques such as medication or environment shifts
  • Organic, natural techniques that prevent unnecessary chemicals entering your body
  • Ability to breathe easily and enjoy life to the fullest


How are allergies treated?

Allergies can be treated in several ways. One of the most common options is an allergy shot, which helps the body gradually acclimate to the types of particles that can cause allergies. There are also over-the-counter and prescription medications that can be taken to help with symptoms. These include antihistamines, which help dry out the nasal passages and relieve excessive mucus production; decongestants, which help mucus to run freely, eliminating painful blockage; and more. Finally, Dr. Sanchez can recommend alternative, naturopathic treatments you can try at home to further improve your condition.

What can I expect after allergy management treatment?

Your allergy treatment plan will be specifically created for you to treat the type of allergies you are suffering from. After identifying the best course of allergy treatment for you, Dr. Sanchez may schedule follow-up appointments in order to make any necessary changes to your treatment plan. If you are still experiencing allergy symptoms, adjustments may need to be made to your treatment to ensure you receive optimal results. The goal is to help manage your allergy symptoms over time so that you can live more comfortably.

Allergy Management FAQ

How do I know if I need allergy treatments?

Allergy treatments are typically recommended for people who have allergy symptoms that aren't easily controlled with over-the-counter medications. You may also be a candidate for allergy treatments if you can't avoid allergy triggers, are at risk for a severe allergic reaction, have hair-trigger asthma, experience side effects with medications, or simply want a long-term allergy solution. During your consultation, Dr. Sanchez will listen to your concerns and symptoms to ensure that allergy treatments are right for you.

Do allergy shots hurt?

Allergy shots are similar to any other shot you may have had, like a vaccination, so they can cause minor discomfort, but they aren't typically painful. Some people may experience minor redness, soreness, or swelling at the injection site afterward, but this typically goes away quickly. 

What are the most common allergy triggers?

The most common allergy triggers include:

  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Dust mites
  • Animal dander
  • Certain foods (peanuts, shellfish, wheat, etc.)
  • Insect stings
  • Some medications (penicillin, etc.)

Allergy Relief Today

If your allergies are acting up, you don't have to wait to get relief from your symptoms. Visit Dr. Larry Sanchez at Blue Elk Family Clinic, and he can help you identify the causes of your allergies and choose the best treatment for you. We offer many options for allergy treatments at our Nashville, IN location so please don't hesitate to reach out for support. Schedule a consultation right away, and let us help you experience freedom from congestion and irritation.

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