Will Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help Reduce my Anxiety?

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A positive and productive mindset is essential for living a happy, healthy life and fully savoring each and every day. However, we understand that we can sometimes be our own worst enemy and inadvertently sabotage ourselves through negative thinking patterns. These lead to unhelpful behaviors that often make us feel even worse and perpetuate a negative cycle that drains our energy and saps our mental energy and resolve.

This cycle can seem overwhelming, even inescapable, but we want to assure you that it isn’t. In fact, that’s why we’re here: to banish the feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. Licensed mental health counselor associate Misty Sanchez has helped many patients find relief from psychological distress. And, we’d love to help you as well! So, contact us today at Blue Elk Family Clinic in Nashville, IN.

We’re excited to help you overcome your anxiety with cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a personalized approach tailored specifically to your unique needs and lifestyle factors. So, our compassionate experts will get to know you personally to formulate the optimal treatment plan just for you. And don’t worry: we make every effort possible to foster a safe, judgment-free zone. We promise you the utmost confidentiality, so you can feel perfectly comfortable in our offices and let us know exactly how you feel, what you think, and about your goals. This two-way openness and honesty will help us (help you) enjoy an optimal outcome in Nashville, IN.

One strategy relies on visualization techniques. We’ll assist you in identifying anxiety-producing situations. Then, we’ll work through it, helping you feel better about those situations. This involves imagining those potential anxiety-triggering scenarios and then implementing various responses. As a team, we’ll develop the proper ways to deal and think while formulating strategies to avoid the negative behaviors and thought patterns that would typically cause distress, prevent you from enjoying yourself, or otherwise dampen your lifestyle.

How CBT can introduce and reinforce positive thinking patterns and productive behaviors

By facing your fears and roleplaying ways to overcome them, you’ll gain the comfort and confidence necessary to transfer these strategies to reality. We can also help you attain freedom from the destructive thought processes that would otherwise manifest before, during, or after certain events.

We’ll also equip you with strategies for being more mindful, not just during stressful situations but in general. The calming influence you’ll gain will have an impact on all aspects of your life. It will also help you retain a sense of peace should you encounter an anxiety-triggering situation. Overall, you’ll come away with more positive thought patterns and a new, improved, healthier way of dealing with obstacles that may have once seemed daunting.

Contact us today so we can help you conquer negative thoughts and regain your peace of mind

Don’t suffer from anxiety any longer. There’s no reason to feel hesitant about coming in for help. Our office is a judgment-free setting, and everything you tell us is strictly confidential. Misty Sanchez, LMHC-A, and the rest of our team are here for your mental health. CBT is clinically proven to be effective and to help you enjoy life while dramatically improving your well-being, not only mental but emotional and physical. So, reach out to us as soon as possible at Blue Elk Family Clinic in Nashville, IN.

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