Can My Pain Be Treated with Joint Injections?

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Joint pain impacts almost every aspect of your life and can quickly lead to bouts of depression. If you suffer from joint pain, then you are probably desperate to find relief. You don’t want to use addictive and dangerous narcotics, so you are probably seeking other solutions. Joint injections hold the promise of giving you pain relief.

At Blue Elk Family Clinic in Nashville, IN, Dr. Larry Sanchez offers joint injections for joint pain. The injections can reduce the discomfort caused by inflammation, injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and other conditions.

If you have been using less invasive treatments, such as over-the-counter pain medications and exercise, but you still feel discomfort, then joint injections might offer you the relief you seek. The steroid injections can cease soreness while improving your range of motion, so everyday tasks become easier. Best of all, the injections are minimally invasive and can help you avoid undergoing surgical procedures.

All about joint injections

You’ll need to schedule an appointment for a complete and detailed exam with Dr. Sanchez at Blue Elk Family Clinic in Nashville, IN to determine if joint injections are right for your particular needs.

Steroid injections (also referred to as corticosteroid injections) are made up of certain anti-inflammatory medications that can effectively treat joint pain and other conditions. They are administered by our team of healthcare professionals at Blue Elk Family Clinic in Nashville, IN.

After undergoing the injections, you can return to work or everyday life. As the joint injection starts to take effect, patients notice a reduction in pain that can last for weeks or months, so they can live their lives virtually pain-free.

Are you a suitable candidate for steroid joint injections?

If you are a viable candidate for joint injections, our team will sanitize the injection site at the afflicted joint. They will then insert a sterile needle to deliver the steroid solution directly to the targeted joints.

Nonsurgical joint injections

In some situations, Dr. Sanchez might have to use advanced imaging techniques, such as an x-ray or ultrasound, to more clearly seek the joint. The imaging will help guide the needle to the precise location needed to treat the inflamed tissue.

Joint injections are relatively quick and easy. Most patients report minimal discomfort. After injection, the pain of the afflicted joint is usually dramatically reduced in 2 – 3 days. Patients often report long-lasting relief that ranges from a few weeks up to a few months before they need to undergo further joint injections.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one in four adults suffer from arthritis. That works out to 15 million people who report chronic joint pain. Even children are not immune to arthritis and can also suffer from joint discomfort. Joint injections are a common treatment option used to help sufferers control arthritis pain so they can live a more fulfilling life.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about joint injections

Why live with persistent joint pain when you have options? Dr. Larry Sanchez and the team at Blue Elk Family Clinic in Nashville, IN offer effective joint injections to help reduce inflammation and pain.The nonsurgical technique provides long-lasting and effective pain relief so you can get back to enjoying life without discomfort. Contact our office today to learn more about our steroid joint injections and to schedule a consultation.

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