How Can Thyroid Disorders be Prevented?

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 03/14/2023

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism interfere with your quality of life. Call now if you suspect a thyroid disorder and learn about treatment options.


How Are Acute Illnesses Diagnosed?

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 02/09/2023

An acute illness may cause serious health issues if left untreated. Call our medical clinic if you see signs of a sinus infection or asthma attack.


What Happens During a DOT Exam?

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 01/15/2023

If your employer requires a DOT physical, you're probably wondering what's involved. We have the answers you need.


How Can Behavioral Health Services Improve Communication Skills?

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 12/15/2022

Learn how cognitive behavioral therapy can help you discover better ways to communicate and how to create more positive thought patterns.


How Can Medication Management Relieve Stress from Patients?

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 11/25/2022

Learn the importance of medication management to help reduce a patient’s stress level.


What Airborne Particles Cause Allergic Reactions?

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 10/17/2022

Access highly personalized treatment for airborne allergies and reduce the risk for life-threatening reactions.


Three Things Patients With PTSD Struggle With

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 09/11/2022

PTSD can cause disruptive emotional and physical symptoms and force people to relive traumatic events. Find out how trauma-focused therapy can help.


Can My Pain Be Treated with Joint Injections?

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 08/08/2022

Learn about how steroid joint injections can help bring joint pain relief from arthritis, injury, inflammation, or carpal tunnel syndrome.


What Happens During Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 07/05/2022

If negative thought patterns affect your ability to live a happy life, cognitive behavioral therapy can help you develop the skills to thrive.


Counseling After a Violent Crime Can Help You Navigate Trauma

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 06/07/2022

There’s no way to predict how we will react to surviving a violent crime. But counseling can help us cope in the aftermath of trauma.


Find Out What is Triggering Your Depressive Episodes

Misty Sanchez | 05/08/2022

Depression may be caused by chemical imbalances and stress, but we offer various clinically proven strategies to help you find relief.


How Can I Know If I Am Sexually Healthy?

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 04/16/2022

Sexual health is a complex subject and involves both physical and psychological components. Learn more about how to evaluate your sexual health here.


What Are the Signs You Need Trauma-Focused Therapy?

Misty Sanchez | 03/08/2022

Trauma-focused therapy can help you regain control of your thoughts, behaviors, and overall lifestyle, so it's essential to know the signs of trauma.


Four Common Warning Signs Of High Cholesterol

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 02/04/2022

Is there any way to tell if you have high cholesterol before it is too late? Find the answer here.


You Deserve Healthy Relationships. How to Heal From Domestic Violence Trauma

Misty Sanchez | 01/14/2022

Domestic violence trauma can lead to feelings of depression or anxiety. Our family clinic offers helpful therapy sessions so you can begin to heal.


Will Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help Reduce my Anxiety?

Misty Sanchez | 12/07/2021

Cognitive behavioral therapy can provide you with healthy, practical strategies to deal with anxiety or other mental health issues.


Where Can I Get A Physical Examination Near Me?

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 11/28/2021

Blue Elk Family Clinic offers comprehensive, compassionate family care services in Nashville, IN.


What are the Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Misty Sanchez | 10/22/2021

Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help you avoid negative thought processes and teach you to replace them with positive, productive coping strategies.


How Important Is Mental Health At Every Stage Of Life?

Dr. Larry Sanchez | 09/21/2021

A closer look at the connection between mental health and overall quality of life, as well as how CBT and other therapies may benefit you.


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