Blue Elk Family Clinic | Nashville, IN

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Blue Elk Family Clinic is a small local clinic located in Nashville, IN and also serves Columbus, Bloomington, Morgantown, Indianapolis, Martinsville, and Franklin. We are located in the same building as DDS Junken (dentist) and OD Gootee (optometrist). Our waiting area, conveniently shared between all three healthcare services, is a cozy, comfortable space where our friendly staff will make you feel right at home. Blue Elk Family Clinic features a private exam room for Dr. Sanchez's medical treatments, a sterile lab for drawing blood, and a private mental health counseling space for Misty Sanchez's practice. Soon, we will also add an additional room for aesthetic treatments. We also have a small lab at the clinic to do blood draws vs. referring out. For more serious medical concerns, we can quickly refer you out to a local specialist or hospital.

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