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Blue Elk Family Clinic receives its name from a Native American legend in which a boy who is born unable to speak befriends an elk who becomes his spiritual protector. When the elk is killed, a cedar tree grows around its antlers, and the boy uses wood from the tree to make a flute. Later in life, the boy uses a song from the flute to court his true love. To Dr. Larry Sanchez, whose Apache heritage led him to this story, the tale symbolizes how others can be our voices and our guides when we aren't able to express our needs and desires. That, to Dr. Sanchez, is the center of what makes Blue Elk Family Clinic a special place — that, as family medical providers, he and his team can be the advocating voice for their patients.

Blue Elk Family Clinic features a caring staff, including Dr. Sanchez who leads the family medical practice, as well as his wife, Misty Sanchez, LMHC-A who offers mental health counseling services. The Sanchez family believes that providing physical and mental health services together allows patients to pursue a more holistic, integrative approach to medicine, meeting the needs of both the body and the mind together. Blue Elk Family Clinic is located in Nashville, IN and serves Indianapolis, Bloomington, Columbus, and their neighboring towns with GeneSight® testing, Harmony XL PRO laser aesthetic treatments, cognitive behavioral therapy, annual physicals, and more. Reach out to Blue Elk Family Clinic today, and begin your journey toward renewed health and a happier life!

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